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Okay Real Life, 

This  is my final offer. If we can’t come to agreeable terms in the near future, I shall be forced to end it all with you. 



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Dear Real Life, 

I hope you weren’t offended by my last letter. This can be option two if you’d like?  Whatever you want really. 

Okay, Thanks again, 

Ashley T. Wright.

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Oh Hi Real Life, 

Hope you’re well. I’m okay, but any time that you’d like to act like this would be totally cool with me. Any time. 


Ashley T. Wright. 

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This is Lucy Liljegren singing her original song “Little Soldier.” 

And it’s amazing. 

I live in LA were people are constant bombarding you with requests to watch their videos on YouTube. It’s tiresome, mostly because these videos tend be self aggrandizing while lacking (good) content. 

BUT. The other I was given a truly amazing and inspiring video. The mother of this girl asked me to watch it while I was at work, and her voice is so beautiful. The girl, Lucy, originally wanted to sell the track on Itunes to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but was too young.

If you guys want to hear a really pretty song by a really pretty girl with a really pretty heart, check this out.

Also, if you can, help her reach her goal?


Also, she is running in The Nike Women’s Marathon for Leukemia and Lymphoma this weekend. Last year, at 16 she was the youngest runner and raised over $4000. 

Her mother, aunt, and grandmother are all cancer survivors. This girl is so smart, talented, and beautiful. She is all heart, and no ego. 

Please support her. 

She gives me hope for the future. 

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Day Six.

Things are still going pretty well. However, yesterday I had my first really intense craving for a cooked food since I started doing this.

All I wanted were some fries with lots of salt and lots of ketchup.

Or pasta. Vegan Mac and Cheese or something like that.

I didn’t give in, but I will say I had an episode of feeling spacey during it and after it. I felt almost like I was out of my body and was sleepy.

I carried on and had some coffee. Coffee is not raw, but I am not ready to give it up.

Anyway. After coffee and filming an audition I felt fine again. The spaciness went away.

Not gonna lie, though… I’m still craving cooked carbs this morning.

Like, all I want is a vegan sofritas burrito from Chipotle. : (

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